Project management services

to help your
business succeed

Project management services

to help your
business succeed

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Gharlay Business Services provides fractional Project Management services to assist businesses develop and implement effective marketing and operational plans.

We specialize in managing projects that optimize web presence, enhance lead generation and business process review engagements.

Succinctly, we focus on increasing revenue first and then practical operational plans to handle additional client demand.


Increase brand awareness and revenue by communicating your product and service offerings to clients.

  • Conducting discovery sessions with businesses to understand their point of difference, stated and implicit business objectives and assisting management in prioritizing their objectives through a detailed implementation plan
  • Reviewing existing online spend and marketing budget to identify redundancy of services, allowing for marketing spend to be redeployed
  • Streamlining lead generation into an excel database with the intent of migrating to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform
  • Assisting Management document their businesses sales funnel and how to improve lead conversion
  • Organizing email drip campaigns


Providing you with support to execute business objectives, so you can focus on day-to-day operations.

  • Providing fractional Project Management services to assist businesses achieve objectives identified in the discovery phase. Our experience is that internal resources do not exist and Management is unable to oversee implementation of their objectives. Management knows change is required, but the business demands their time for day to day operations
  • Implementing Accounts Payable best practices to streamline and control procurement processes
  • Improve Accounts Receivable collections to make cash flow more predictable and consistent.
  • Assisting a corporations restructure to minimize risk
  • Providing practical advice on when to incorporate or operate as a sole proprietorship Coordinating the incorporation of new businesses
  • Coordinating shareholder agreements
  • Coordinating accounting procedures
  • Coordinate year-end filings with external accountants and legal counsel.
  • Assist in drafting financial packages to present to financial institutions for credit and loan applications
  • Developing detailed instruction manuals to allow for institutional knowledge and procedures to be retained, therefore reducing training times for new employees and preserving procedures
  • Coordinating IT managed service provider services
  • Sourcing Remote Contractors (outsourcing) to assist in business processes

We can help you identify and bridge the gaps in your business

What are people saying?

Gharlay business services has helped me identify systems that are crucial to having a successful business.
…my initial discovery helped me realize and pinpoint not just one area but multiple areas as to why I was not able to get to the next level with my business.
I am truly grateful to Gharlay Business Services for helping me build my own personal team for Success.
Gharlay Business Services took the time to understand my business, which resulted in a well-designed plan that was tailored specifically to me.

Mandi Gharlay

Mandi is the Principal Project Management Professional at Gharlay Business Services Inc. She has over twenty years of experience in developing, managing, and implementing financial, operational, and information systems projects.

Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive change, optimize operations, and deliver impactful results.

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